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At TAPIS, sustainability is a core value and integral part of our mission. We strive to create products that are both beautiful and beneficial for the planet, its creatures, and people around the world.

We are passionate about preserving our environment and finding ways to reduce our environmental footprint. We’re committed to using sustainable materials in all of our products, supporting eco-friendly practices within our business, and creating solutions that reduce waste and pollution.

Driving sustainable material selection

Our commitment to being responsible and accountable for our actions extends to using organic cotton for our collections and continuously seeking out innovative ways to minimize our use of single-use and virgin plastic and paper packaging.

We believe in taking a proactive approach towards sustainable fashion, focusing on ethical production practices that minimize water consumption and reduce the use of toxic chemicals. This allows us to design with intention while ensuring the most positive environmental outcomes possible.

Collaboration for Impact

We are developing long-term goals in collaboration with organizations committed to achieving these objectives, as well as campaigns focused on creating a better future through responsible practices.

We are proud to stand behind our values, as we take an active role in preserving the environment and creating positive change today so that we can protect it for tomorrow.

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Empowering Women

At TAPIS, we are committed to empowering women and promoting diversity within our company. Our HR processes are designed to provide equal opportunities for everyone.


Our products are designed with passion and purpose, bringing high-quality craftsmanship from generations of traditional Turkish artisans into every piece we make.