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From nomadic designs to geometric forms, each carpet tells a story through its intricate patterns and symbols. Discover the history and beauty behind our pieces with our Carpet Guide.

1. Different Regions of Anatolia

Our collections feature a variety of carpets and kilims from different regions of Anatolia.

The places are remarked on the map where we call them hand-woven rugs weaving ateliers in Turkey. All these rugs created there symbolize tradition and tell a story about Turkish heritage, making them an integral part of our fashion.

Today in Turkey there are regions which keep this wonderful tradition alive; such rugs are woven in Hereke, Ezine, Edremit, Gördes, Bergama, Yagcibedir, Milas, İzmir, Kula, Dosemealti, Isparta, Konya, Maden, Yahyali, Taspinar, Sivas, Kars and Yoruk.

2. Unique Patterns

Patterns in each carpet piece have their own unique names and meanings, ranging from good luck charms to family stories.

These were embroidered by the weavers as they were believed to bring them “health, luck, abundance, and happiness.”

3. Weaving Techniques

There are various weaving techniques in rugs and carpets. Each has its own structures and weaving techniques. Cicim (jijim), sumak, kilim, zili, pile, and many more…

The main differences among them are; direction of warps, weaving frequency and pattern of the carpets.

Balıkesir Cicim Hoodie from our FW 22/23 Collection, featured with a carpet which has Cicim weaving.

4. Art of Natural Dyes

For centuries, Anatolian rug-making has relied on natural dyeing techniques that are eco-friendly and help keep the unique character of the designs alive.

Our dyes come from a range of sources in plants as roots, barks, branches, stems, leaves, and fruits; and are processed without the use of any chemicals.

We use hibiscus to get the color green, pomegranate for dark red, onion skin for orange, walnut for brown, and apricot for yellow.

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