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I. lighting TEXT

SELAHATTIN ALPINE and Ismail SAMANCI ordinary partnership GÜRELI – TAPIS (the“company”), as the text of this lighting with the law on protection of personal data (“Law”) is intended to fulfill our obligation under lighting. In this context, we are obliged to inform you that the topics are as follows:

The principal of and any data if the ID of the representative

Responsible for data: Yeşilyurt Yeşilyurt Sports Club Seaside Street Quarter 8E/1 Bakırköy/Istanbul resident, and Ismail SAMANCI GÜRELI, Bakırköy 7591016695 number registered with the tax office to ALPINE SELAHATTIN the ordinary partnership.

Personal data processed for any purpose (“website”), to purchase products through our company with the aim that you have provided your e-mail address, full name, address and a mobile phone in the category of personal data; the product you purchased will be delivered by your company, established in fulfillment of the requirements of the sales agreement between the company to communicate with you regarding your order if necessary, the completion of your transaction if you are a member of the internet site in the event you want to confirm membership of the commercial electronic message sending a party to the terms and conditions of the membership agreement which you are to be fulfilled in the direction of the limitation period and arising from the legislation with the aim of hide processed.

To whom and for what purpose personal data that is processed by the company can be transferred

3 any of your personal data. The person is not transferred.

The method and legal reason of personal data collection

Your personal data is obtained through your transaction, Purchase the form and within the scope of the internet site “is directly related with the formation or performance of a contract provided that the contract parties to be required for the processing of personal data” are collected with a legal reason.

Your rights under the law, your personal data are as follows:

(A) if your personal data has been processed learning, (b), your personal data is processed, claim knowledge of it, and (C) whether the purposes of the processing of your personal data is used according to their purpose and learning, (C) your personal data is transferred within or outside the country, the knowledge of third parties, (d) missing or incorrectly processed your personal data if you ask for them to be corrected, (e) the processing of your personal data in the event of the disappearance of the reasons requiring or requesting that your personal data be erased, destroyed, (f) (d) and (e) transactions in accordance with paragraphs, personal data transferred to third parties be notified of the request to to (g) by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automated systems, one against one's self, the result of the appeal, (G) damage due to unlawful processing of personal data to the remedy of damages in case of demand.

This of your rights in writing or registered electronic mail (KEP address: address, electronic signature, mobile signature or the company previously reported and which are recorded in the company's system by using the electronic mail address (in this context e-mail address you can reach the company Via), or you can pass to the company through improved software for the purpose of reference or application.

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